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Our Mission:

Our mission as an organization is to provide youth hockey players with the facility, coaches, and resources to grow in their game and the opportunity to move on to higher levels of hockey. Our goal is to develop skilled and knowledgeable hockey players.
We promise to provide the frame work and opportunity for all players to work hard move on to higher levels of hockey.

What We Value:

We value the student: Those who know there’s more to learn will discover so much more.
We value character: How you respond to experiences is key both on and off the ice.
We value hard work: It’s the hard work, on the ice, at school, and at home that pays off.
We value persistence: Each time you fall and pick yourself up you gain something you didn’t have before.
We value dreamers: Having a dream/goal is what moves you forward and helps you discover what you can do.
We value family: Our parents, siblings, coaches, and teammates are our back bone (our support).

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