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For more information on upcoming semesters, online registrations , or dates and class times for the current semester.

For more information on private figure skating lessons

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The Cooler is a proud member of         LEARN TO SKATE USA

The Cooler Skating Academy's LEARN TO ICE SKATE program in ATLANTA runs year round with sessions 7 weeks in length (shorter when adjusted due to holidays or special events).  We offer group classes according to the US Figure Skating Learn to Skate  Program which is a progressive method to teach the fundamentals of skating in a fun and challenging way. Our staff of professional skating instructors, all members of PSA (Professional Skaters Association) and US Figure Skating is ready to help you and your family acquire good skating skills.

What to Wear:
Comfortable, warm clothing: long pants (sweat suits), gloves or mittens, a helmet or other protective head gear, thin socks (high enough to cover the top of skating boots).

Make Up Classes:

You can make up 2 classes in a semester. Missed classes DO NOT carry over to the next semester. No make-ups in the first week of classes.

To make up a missed class, go to the LTS registration page and check the available class dates. Then check the available day and time for your class level. You do not have to make a reservation. Just come to the rink, let Herbert or one of the coaches know that you are making up, and you will be placed in the correct class.


Evaluations will be made in the second last or last week of each semester. Recommendations for Re-Registration will be handed out and Registration for higher level classes will open at that time.


Refunds will only be available until the end of the first week of class. (All refunds are subject to a $30 administration fee). 

Private Lessons:
Private Lessons can supplement the group classes and are given on Public Session ice times for beginning skaters. Please see the Public Session Schedule for times.

For information on private lessons click here

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